Joe Cappellino 12/5-12/10

Thursday 12/5

Close grip bench, 3×6 with 308

Latpulldown – lots

Face pulls – lots

2 ways shoulder – 20 reps with the 30# DBs 4 sets

Tricep band pushdowns – alot

Abs for days

Friday 12/6


496 x 5 x 3

Beltess pulls – 573 x 2 x 3, triples working all the way up

Reverse hyper


Sunday 12/8

Bench – Attempted 2×8 with 385, got 7 and then 6

1 board wide grip… worked some doubles at 396 because i knew it wasnt a good day

barbell rows – 5 sets of 8 with 275

Squats – 7 paused singles of 407….. no belt

Swiss ball abs

Tuesday 12/10

Was warming up for squat and tweaked my back.  Did some legpress, leg ext, and latpulldowns before I shut it down.

Will take some time off with this tweak from squats and pulls.  ON and ON and ON…..

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