Joe Cappellino 10/15 to 10/20

Training is really winding down… im trying to slightly reduce the amount of shit ive been doing so i can start feeling good going into the meet.  I felt pretty terrible this week all around… arms and legs hanging on by a thread but nothing major… i will start regenerating soon.

Tuesday 10/15

Squats 507 4 triples

uber Speed pulls…. 308 x 8 triples

Incline DB press… lots of sets of 20

Abs and 45 degree back raises


Thursday 10/17

Bench 5 triples of 385, single at 418


Close grip bench… 5 sets of 10

triceps… some wierd exercise that didnt do much

tricep band pushdown


Friday 10/18

Squats… 518 raw… ugly and balance was off.  I was feeling sore as fuck.

TRX on… 606×1


804×1… almost fell over… thought i was in some trouble tonight

859 for 2 singles that were actually pretty good.

Then I pulled…

595 raw, 672 in maxDL





Sunday 10/20

I feel like my arms are falling off….

I hit 451 raw on bench then put on my tight bolt…. I did 4 sets in it and called it even though i was crushing weight.

I ended up hitting 694 to a half board… which should be my opener at worlds

Then I did a shit ton of facepulls, machine row, JM press, shoulder work and chest flyes

Two more weeks to go…. heavy ass squat on deck.

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