Joe Cappellino 10/8-10/13


Squat 331 3×3, 407 3×3, 474 4×3

Deficit pull… 418 for speed triples, got a nice 501 lb Double over hand in as well (Last time Im going to fuck around until after worlds)

I did some sets of 15 of DB presses, then I did some strict over head press with a barbell… sets of 8 of like 198 or something.

The I did some abs…
Thursday… Speed bench





Latpulldowns – sets of 15 with lighter weight

Close grip bench – 3 sets of 8 with 286

Triceps – overhead single DB extensions and then some rope



Squat up to 518 raw

then… 606×1 716×1 804×1 warmups

870×1 and 892×1 worksets

Did some pulls… 650 for 5 singles.

Bridges abs.



Bench 429×2 raw

Bolt on (new bolt with tighter sleeves, needed to break her in fast) 496 to a 3, 584 to a 3, 628 to a 3, 672 to a 2, 716 to a 2

Then I did 2 sets to a 1 board.



These were nice and fast.  Well see what I can get down in the next couple of weeks as an opener.

Then I hit some side lat raises with DBs, BB rows for sets of 8 up to 286, JM presses for 15s


All in a weeks work… in just 3 weeks ill be flying out for norway… time to eat.

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