Joe Cappellino 9/27 & 9/29

9/27 Friday

I am getting back in gear next week, and have been hitting the squat pretty hard.  I needed to tone it back  a little.  Also I am moving my heavy pull night to friday after squats next week to simulate a meet.  It worked well for mens nationals.  So I didnt pull this night either… will do deficits on tuesday with schlafo and have a 727 on the anello in my maxDL  next friday.

So for what I actually did….



Reverse Hypers

45 degree back extensions

Wrap a bunch of weak people

Bridges Abs galore


Sunday 9/29

The parents were in town this weekend.  Dont these people know I need to train?  They left early enough for me to get to the gym for the end of the session.  I warmed up on bench to 429×2 raw which was nice and fast.

Then I put on the bolt.  I was determined to touch 716.  That didnt happen…. it is a very intense shirt and It needs more than 2 sessions for me to touch.

I ran it back and smoked 738 off a one board.  Next week will be better.

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