Joe Cappellino 9/17-9/22

Tuesday 9/17

Started with pause squats with ben.

Did 6 doubles of 396 with no belt and some real long pauses.

Incline bench 286 for 2 sets of 5, 331 for 3 sets of 5.

Deadlift… I finally added my belt in but suprisingly I had the least explosiveness so far.  Weight is going up though so I know the belt will come in handy.  611 for 5 singles.

DB rows… sets of 25 with the 100s

Abs galore.


Thursday 9/19

Bench.  Did a ton of doubles.

374 3×2, 429 2×2, 440×2.  I was doing dumb ass pauses and grinded out the second rep on 440.

GMs – 308 for sets of 5

Close grip bench – 220×10, 264×10, 286×10.

Tricep work.

Friday 9/20

Squats 3×3 with 584 and wraps.

Speed pulls 5×3 with 418 off a deficit no belt and clean grip.

Bridges ABs 100 reps

Sunday 9/22

Raw Bench

385×2, 407×2

Into the INZER BOLT for the very first time.

585×2 to a 3, 628×2 to a 3, 694×2 to a 2, 749×2 to a 2, 716×1 to a 1


Side lat raises for days

nuetral grip machine rows, hard as fuck thanks ben.

Beltess squats, 474 for 4 nipples.

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