Joe Cappellino 8/6-8/11/2013


This is what I did for week 5 of the shieko master of sport.  Everything is self explantory except the test day.

On thursday I went in still feeling beat up from the program in general and the 744 bench a few days prior.  I had in my head that I had a personal best of 1862 raw from last year going 9 for 9.  I also knew my gym PRs.

I crushed the last squat warmup of 595, so I went straight to 639.  I got a little forward and it was slow.  I went up only to 650, got a little forward, and it was slow.  I decided to cut it there.  I know I can squat 700 but something was off that day and I wasnt well rested.

Bench didnt go well at all, I got 473 and missed 484.

I didnt even want to pull but I said fuck it…. I killed the warmups and hit 716 and 738.  Ive never pulled more than 705 in the gym raw because I usually dont hit one rep maxes in the pull especially out of my suit.  This gave me an 1862 total on the day only taking 6 lifts, and not on much rest.  My squat and bench were piss poor, considering I benched 501 raw before mens.  I believe it had to do with fatigue and the pro bench meet.

This is a link to my pull…. Ben is insane.

Fridays workout was tough because it was alot of squatting to do only one day after a one rep max. Saturday I spent down on cape cod with some NUPLers and had an enormous banana split and got that vitamin D.

Sundays pulls were good… I did the pulls to knees beltless for the first time… shit was wild.

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