Joe Cappellino 7/26 & 7/28


180,000 lbs of volume. SMOKED.

I even added in some shirted benches yesterday and worked 507×1 to a 3, 606×1 to a 3, 650×1 to a 2, 694 x 1 to a 1 and 716×1 to the chest.
I had to jump in a shirt emergency mode because Big Titty and LU didnt advertise this pro meet that well…. and CANT GIVE AWAY 500 dollars.  So now I am doing the pro bench because they cancelled the pro raw.

Lineup actually looks good… Me v. TITTY v. Hoegarten Bogarten (John David Bogart) v. The One and Only Liane Blyn!

Bogart told Liane on FB he felt CLEAN and HARD.  I dont know if he was hitting on her or not but he is coming to ready to bench.

I am going to continue the shieko and take the benches out on friday night so I have solid rest for the meet.  Then the workout I will miss sunday I will push to tuesday and continue on.

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