Joe Cappellino 7/16 & 7/18

Shieko Week 2….

Total volume isnt as bad as last week.  Also my body is starting to get back in the swing.  I was crippled from soreness last week.  This week I am cruising but still laboring.  Bodyweight is down around 350, Eating as much clean food as I can and will hopefully stay around 350 +/- 5lbs for the whole training cycle before norway.  The week before worlds I will most likely gain 10 lbs.


I smoked the squats on tuesday.  Benches felt awesome.  I went wide grip for the heavy benches and close grip for the lighter ones after.  Big TIT mike already worked out at his “other gym” which was extremely warm and where he had gay vibes from sunny D. Nevertheless he gave me all the liftoffs I ever wanted and was a big help. I learned how to do Mike Bridges ABs with ben and that little piece of garbage peach.

Couple of quick notes on DLs…. I double overhanded all the deficit pulls beltless until the last 3 doubles.  Im trying to do this with this exercise to work grip.  All the other pulls I do with straps since it is so frequent.  I went medium grip for the bench pyramid.

I would like to crush this whole cycle but will prob have to break it up in a couple of weeks to do a raw push pull in Boston which has some cash prizes.  Gotta get that grocery money.  There will be some good lifters there so I have to take it seriously and rest for a couple of days before.


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