Dan’s Training Log

Unfortunately it has taken me far too long to post my log here, but I suppose its better late than never.  Without any other nonsense…let me share a little bit about myself.


My name is Dan Atkinson, I am a proud Xaverian and Springfield College Alumni, with a degree in Applied Exercise Science. I have been passionate about all things strength and training for as long as I can remember. I have competed in collegiate wrestling,  strongman, powerlifting, and currently I am training for Olympic Lifting, with my next competition set as the Baystate Games in July. I am currently the Director of Training at CrossFit Resilience in Hopkinton, MA where I design programming, coach individuals, groups, and teams on a daily basis.

In this Log I am hoping to share some insight into how a “mixed” strength sport athlete trains, and how that training can be related to powerlifting and the pursuit of maximal strength.

Currently I am working with a fantastic Olympic Lifting Coach, Ivan Rojas of Risto Sports, who is helping me with my programming.

I welcome any questions regarding my training, nutrition, or the industry from my perspective, and they can be posted here, or sent to my email datkinson@crossfitresilience.com

Here is my training from 6/13/13:

A) Back Squat (All my squats are done “oly style” with a high bar and medium/close stance)





130 2×3

135 x3

B) Power Snatch






C) Jerk Behind The Neck






Ab Work- Rollouts, Heavy Side Bends, Paloff Hold

Thanks for reading guys! I’ll get some pics and training vids up ASAP!

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