Joe Cappellino 5/16/13

Today marked an end of an era.  I drove myself to work and the gym.  This means I didnt carpool with Ben and Big Titty.  It was somewhat of a ritual to go to Big Tittys house and wake him up from his mid afternoon nap, bring him to teddys and watch him buy dip and chocolate milk.  I will miss those days but things will be moving more efficiently for me from here on out.

CG Bench





Latpulldown with miniband

Bunch of sets of 10, the I pulled the band off and did like 165 for 16 but that hurt alot so it was stupid

Incline Bench 





Reps were quick but weights felt heavy.  Ben and I are scheduling Incline BB’ing sessions every thursday from now until we die.

Face Pulls


DB tricep Extension


Finished with a set of 40 on each arm with the unilateral cable pushdown

Big ass squats tomorrow, shorts and sandals in the office for the first time this year… going to be a good day


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