Joe Cappellino 5/7/13

First day going from Quincy to Scituate to workout, life is way easier now and training should be top notch as I am finally a full timer at bayhole.  I rode with Ben and we went to pick up RMZ, but he was not ready.  He thought it was 4pm when it was clearly 5:30.  We stopped at tedeschis to get some hardboileds and powerade.  Shaina was hitting her last squats before womens so when we got there I warmed up and gave her a couple wraps.  I took a long time to warm up because the strain in my lower back is pretty tight.  Kept it light tonight to see if I can get ready to do my usual friday torture sessions with Luis.



385x3x2 5 second pauses

Medium Grip Bench



Beltless Double Overhand Deadlifts



Reverse Hypers



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