Joe Cappellino 5/3/13

My back is jacked up from doing shrugs? Its a fucked world we live in.  Took a 5 hours energy and went after it.

Lou-yee, 507 lbs, Blue Band, 3 chains per side

10×2 with loose TRX bottoms

Felt fast.  A blue band when you are 6′-2″ tall and your training partner is 5′-8″ is BRUTAL.

Anello deadlifts





Put on my maxDL


749×1 with 5 second hold.  I aint dropping shit anymore.

Rackpull, right above knee




Back was fried.  Went to Nicks and had some steak and eggs, bacon and french toast with big titty mike and co.  Noteworthy that I weighed 355 this week.  I was 368 at the arnold so this is good.


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