Joseph Cappellino taking 892lbs for a ride in the squat

Joe Cappellino 4/30/13

Had a decent raw squat day on monday, so I came in tuesday just looking to get some more volume in.  I was supposed to be setting up a new office at work, but the new location wasnt ready so I decided to head down to baystate to train with BTM, Ben, peach and of course Big R.  Shaina was there too squatting in gear which looks fun.


I didnt even bring my warm pants and knee sleeves, so of course all these sets felt miserable.






I havent benched with a wide grip raw since 2009, when BTM administered the gorillapin bench program on me and I had partial tears in both pecs.  After missing 485 with a close grip the other day, the guys in the gym were telling me Im an idiot and how much more I would bench if I went wide.  So after 4 years of benching only close and super close grips I was ready to test the waters.




I did alot of warm ups, and obviously was benching two days in a row so I didnt push it.  I felt good, and the stroke was short.  Definitely going to see what happens when I increase the weight.



These were dumb and now my back hurts.  I do my shrugs strict, with no air humps so I do weights that peach does.

573 3 sets of 10


I had 6 scoops of synergy in the midst of this workout, but was really hungry at the end so that was it for the day.

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